Control Switch

If you answer YES to any of these questions, then take a look at our Control Switch and our Control Switch with De-Humidifier below.

  1. Do you constantly have to monitor your humidity level in your safe?

  2. Do you routinely pull your Eva-Dry out of your safe and plugging it into a receptacle to dry?

  3. Have you noticed any rust on your firearms?

  4. Are you tired of having your documents smelling moldy?

  5. After cleaning your firearms, have you noticed any cracks from relative humidity being too low?

  6. If you have an electric De-humidifier, does it run 24/7?


With our Control Switch, your De-Humidifier will only operate as needed. Simply plug the control switch in to your outlet inside the safe and then plug the De-humidifier in to the control switch. Set the control switch to the required set point*. The De-humidifier will operate once the relative humidity inside the safe reaches your set point. It will turn off once the relative humidity reaches 10%  below your set point. This control switch eliminates your De-humidifier from running 24/7.

*Set Point: Firearms and documents are recommended to be stored in a relative humidity between 45% - 55%.

Note: This control switch only works if you have an outlet kit ($35) installed in your safe. Must be an electric operated De-humidifier. (We recommend a Peet Dryer.)

Control Switch

In store Purchase: $85.00. Plus tax.

online & shipping: $105.00. flat rate shipping.


Control switch, peet dryer & Hygrometer

In store purchase: $130.00. plus tax.

online & shipping: $155.00. flat rate shipping.