Custom Processing

**Attention: We are completely full for the remainder of 2017 for slaughtering. Next opening is in February 2018. 

Must schedule to have your animal processed. We slaughter on Tuesdays only, and you must bring the animal in live the Monday before your schedule date. Click on the buttons below to view our processing fees and cut order forms. You can also fill out the Beef Cut Order Form online, also.

Online Beef Cut Order Form

Please Fill out the information below if you want to submit order online. Must leave two phone numbers and who you bought the beef from.

NOTE: If you are splitting a 1/2 of beef, you and the other individual must have the EXACT same cut order (same thickness, same cuts). You can have different amount of steaks per package, and different size ground beef.

Name *
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Who did you buy the Beef from?
Who did you buy the Beef from?
Please select if you get a 1/2, Hind 1/4, Front 1/4 or Split
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Please choose with thickness you want for your steaks.
Steaks Per Package *
Choose how many steaks you want in a package.
Front 1/4 Beef
Choose all the cuts you want from the Front 1/4
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Pick which size ground beef packages you would like.
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Additional price per lb.
Please state any specific cuts you do not see listed and any other comments you may have.
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