Attention - Price Increase 

2018 Price Sheet - Download HERE

Liberty works very hard to control costs so that we can minimize price increases to our consumers.  This year, however, we continue to see rising raw material costs—particularly and most significantly with steel in recent months.  Transportation costs have also increased. Our price increase went in to effect July 2nd. Any of our round locking bar safes will still be on sale.  


Click HERE to purchase your safe with the new military locking bolts. You can use a credit card or you can choose the finance option through First Mutual Finance. 

Don't settle when it comes to protecting your home and family. Secure your firearms, and valuables, from theft, fire, natural disaster or children with America's #1 gun vault and security safe manufacturer. Explore our collection of American made gun vaults online today.

HD 50 $29.99

HD 90 $59.99

HD 100 $129.99

HD 200 $149.99

HD 300 $189.99

HDX 150 $229.99

HDX 250 $279.99

HDX 350 $349.99

Purchase your HD or HDX Gun Vault HERE!

*If we do not have the safe you want in inventory, you can place an order. The delivery can take 6-8 weeks for delivery after the order is placed. A minimum $500 delivery fee may be added if you request expedited delivery. 

*Payment Methods: Cash, In State Check, Credit/Debit., or 0% Interest for 12 Months. 

Delivery is available at additional cost.