Vault Door

Liberty's new high security vault door. Preserve your valuables in a secure room with as much space as you like - the Liberty way!

Gray Marble $5,694 plus tax (install and delivery additional)

Black Texture $5,594 plus tax (install and delivery additional)

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Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 4.01.16 PM.png

Technical specifications:

Steel Thickness: 7 ga. Frame with 1/4" Laminate, 12 ga. Composite Fire Door with 1/4" Inner Steel Door Plate

Handle Types: 5-Spoke External Handle, 3-Spoke Internal Handle

Finish Options: Texture Black with Chrome Hardware, Gray Marble with Black Chrome Hardware

Door Panel: Durable Fabric Door Panel

Lock Options: Mechanical Lock Standard, PROLOGIC Electronic Lock OPTIONAL

Shipping Weight: 1,245 lbs

Door Dimensions: 34" Wide x 79" Tall

Walk Through Opening: 32" Wide x 77" Tall

Threshold Height: 1" Outer, 1.875" Inner

Overall Outside Dimensions:
42.25" Wide x 81-85" Tall

Rough Opening Requirements
37-42" Wide x 81-85" Tall

*See spec sheet for full details

Liberty Safe Vault Door Install - Gray Marble, Electronic Lock