Want top quality processing for your beef and/or hog? look no further, Ferdinand processing is here for you!

  • Click on tabs below for Beef and Pork Processing Fees.

  • The typical hanging time for a beef is approximately 10-14 days and Hogs 2-3 days.

  • We slaughter on Tuesdays only. Beef and Hogs must be brought in the Monday before your scheduled date.

  • Must have all cut orders the time of your slaughter date.

  • Price is based on hanging weight.

  • Meat is plastic wrapped, then wrapped in freezer paper. Ground beef and ground sausage are put in to plastic tube bags.

  • Please call to schedule an appointment, 812-367-2073.


Online Beef Cut Order Form

Please Fill out the information below if you want to submit order online. Must leave two phone numbers and who you bought the beef from.

NOTE: If you are splitting a 1/2 of beef, you and the other individual must have the EXACT same cut order (same thickness, same cuts). You can have different amount of steaks per package, and different size ground beef.

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Who did you buy the Beef from?
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