Venison Processing

Deer Season Hours

Monday - Thursday 7:30am - 6:00pm

Friday 7:30am - 5:00pm

Saturday 7:30am - 2pm

Sunday 9am - 12pm

Added: November 23, 2018 - we are only accepting clean, boneless meat for the remainder of the 2018-2019 deer season and for future deer seasons. So please be aware next season, 2019/2020, that we will only be accepting boneless deer meat.

*Please call to make sure we are not full on carcass deer. Once we are full, we will only be accepting boneless deer meat until further notice. Thank you.

After Hour Contact

  • Paul: 812-639-9948

  • Paula: 812-639-3104

  • Amanda: 812-639-0973

Calls will not be answered after 8pm EASTERN. Thank you. 

2017 - 2018 Venison Product List

Download the 2018-2019 Venison Price Sheet (pdf.)

*Price sheet for Ferdinand, IN location, only. Other drop off locations have their set products and prices.

Deer Processing Drop Off Stations

Take your deer to any of these locations and you will receive Ferdinand Processing cooked products that they offer at their location. Prices and products available may differ at each location. Please call each location for their hours and other information.

5037 E 1150 S
Haubtstadt, IN 47639
(812) 456-8064
(812) 760-8568
Accepts Boneless Only

7511 Upper Mount Vernon RD
Mount Vernon, IN 47620
(812) 985-5485
Accepts carcass & boneless
Find them on Facebook

1414 20th Street
Tell City, IN 47586
(812) 547-6546
Accepts Boneless Only
Find them on Facebook

2098 Spice Valley Rd
Mitchell, IN 47446
(812) 849-3110
Accepts Carcass & Boneless
Find them on Facebook


About our Venison Processing

Ferdinand Processing is a family owned processing plant that has been making venison products for the last 28 years. Here at Ferdinand Processing, we take pride in our products and expect you to do the same and take proper care of your deer before bringing it to be further processed.

For all boneless deer meat brought to Ferdinand Processing: You MUST have your metal tag number or confirmation from your check-in before signing in at FP Meats. We only accept CLEAN, BONELESS, FRESH, or FROZEN (NOT GROUND), deer meat. The boneless meat can be fresh or frozen, but it cannot be older than 8 weeks and from this hunting season. Please use clear plastic grade food bags or containers (such as Zip-Lock bags or plastic containers. 

We reserve the right to refuse any venison that does not smell fresh, or is not cleaned properly.  Cut-up venison must be transported in clean, food safe bags or containers. Please do not use black or brown garbage bags, non-food safe, or dirty containers to transport your venison. We inspect all cut-up venison as it arrives. The venison is then inspected a second time before further processing.


Seasoning, Casings & Cheese Order Form

Name *
Phone *
Pick up Date *
Pick up Date
Please let us know when you need to pick the seasoning up.
Pick up Time *
Pick up Time
Operating Hours: M-F 7:30am - 5:00pm & Sat 7:30am - Noon EASTERN
$12.00 per unit
$20.00 per unit
$12.00 per unit
$20.00 per unit
-2.5" Casings: $19 for a bundle (25) or $1.00 each. -4" Casings: $11 for a bundle (10) or $1.35 each. Please state how many of each you need
$15.00 per unit
5m Collagen Casings for Snack Sticks $7 per casing (1 casing can hold approximately 10 lbs of meat) Please state how many you will need.
$7.25 per unit
100 lb rounds
Hot Pepper or Cheddar $6.75/lb - How many pounds?
$16.00/lb (16 oz dried jalapeno per 100lbs of meat)
If you are needing these items shipped, please include your mailing address and a number to get a hold of you to collect payment. We mail through USPS flat rate. Once your order is complete, we will inform you of your shipping costs. We will go with the cheapest shipping option.